Introducing Hotel Budapest
Located in the Anabar district adjoining the sea, Hotel Budapest is the newest hotel
accommodation available on Nauru with all amenities to make your stay memorable. The friendly staff are always on hand and willing to assist guests as best as possible. Security staff patrol the premises 24 x 7. In case of emergency the hotel has onsite tanks for washing and drinking water as well as its own power generators. There are several restaurants and meal options close to the hotel including the “Bay Restaurant” and “Bondi Restaurant”. The hotel is located close to Anabar boat ramp which is a popular swimming spot, and within a short drive to convenience and grocery stores. Airport transfers are also available through prior booking.
Room Features
Air Condition

Air conditioned single and double occupant rooms.

Electrical Kettle

complementary tea/coffee with kettle.


Fresh sheets on the queen sized beds.


WiFi internet (upon request – fees apply).


Flat screen TV with international channels.


Washing machine and daily room cleaning.


Mini fridge for your snacks and beverages.


Microwave to cook your quick meals.


Toaster for a crispy and tasty bread.

Intricately designed living spaces that provide for an elegant stay woven in comfort and luxury to create lifelong memories..
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